Design and implementation

Engineering services

Marine Construction AS provides engineering services and project services in conjunction with concept development and detailed planning implementation of fish farms at sea and on land.

Examples of our expertise: 

  • Design og engineering of feed rafts in concrete adapted to the location and feeding system
  • Design of breeding cages, adapted to the locality
  • Design and construction of holding cage facilities on request
  • Design of mooring equipment
  • Design of land-based fish farms
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Bilde av en ventemær
Bilde av deler av en betongflåte

Concrete supplier: Ulstein Betong Marine

For a number of years, Marine Construction AS has collaborated with Ulstein Betongindustri AS, on the construction of concrete rafts. This collaboration has developed into a very efficient implementation of projects, where no compromises are made regarding quality.

The collaboration ensures that customers get the best of both worlds in this product, Integrated in FarmBase. On the one hand, all the accumulated knowledge about the operation of large industrial fish farms, and on the other hand, a guarantee that all construction technical expertise is used to deliver a product that can withstand tough stresses in a demanding environment.

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