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Bilde av en betongflåte
Bilde av en betongflåte
Bilde av en betongflåte
Bilde av en båt som sleper en betongflåte
Bilde av en betongflåte i storm med en båt

Our products

En av våre ingeniører som designer en av våre produkter

Design and implementation

Marine Construction AS delivers engineering services and project services in connection with concept development, detailed planning and implementation of both land-based and sea-based fish farms.

About us

Marine Construction AS has since 1992 been a leading supplier of technology to the aquaculture industry in Norway and abroad, at sea and on land. "It’s all in the details" has long been our hallmark. We supply fully customized solutions.

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Bilde av en betongflåte i storm med en båt

Our work areas

FarmBase Concrete rafts
SystemFarm Steel plants
Design and engineering of land-based facilities

A worldwide supplier, with its roots well planted in the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

Bilde av ansatte fra Marine Construction

Marine Construction delivers knowledge and technology for fish farming. We offer consulting services and technological solutions and systems for fish farms around the world. This is some of the countries we have been active in for a number of years: 

  • Norway
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Scotland
  • the Faroe Islands
  • Russia
  • New Zealand


Marine Construction AS has over the years had deliveries to all the leading fish farming companies in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Australia and to the east coast of the United States. This applies to both steel plants, concrete rafts and design services.

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